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Drivers face two years of roadworks for new flyover

THE green light for the construction of a flyover at Newland's Cross will be a case of good news and bad news for commuters.

The good news is that one of the worst bottlenecks in Dublin will finally to be gone and it will be possible to drive from Cork to near Belfast without stopping at traffic lights.

But motorists face two years of diversions as construction starts in the coming weeks.

While upgrading the M50 and the construction of major new roads around Dublin during the boom years had major benefits to traffic flow, the lack of a flyover at Newland's Cross on the Naas Road has been a source of headaches for the 80,000 drivers that pass through it each day.

But now the go-ahead for the project has been given and work is due to start shortly.

The AA has warned that the silver lining has a cloud.

"It is inevitable that there will be some delays during construction, but it seems lessons have been learnt from the upgrading of the Red Cow interchange on the M50," said the AA's Conor Faughnan.

"Part of the deal with the consortium building the flyover is that there will be three lanes of traffic open in both directions on the N7 at all times.

"It makes the build more difficult, but a lot of the disruptive aspects can be carried out at off-peak times," said Mr Faughnan.

A second project announced yesterday is the upgrading of the N11 between Arklow and Rathnew to a four-lane dual carriageway, which will result in 80km of continual motorway/dual carriageway from Dublin to just south of Gorey.

Mr Faughnan said both projects were "unreservedly good news for commuters, especially in Dublin", and praised the fact that they come without additional road tolls.

"You will be able to drive from Glamire in Cork to Hillsborough in Belfast, a distance of 400km, without having to stop at a traffic light."