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Drivers are ignoring 30kph city speed limit

The hugely hyped 'Green Wave' is proving to be a complete failure at prompting city centre motorists to comply with the super-slow speed limit.

And angry Dublin motorists appear to have had enough, with most already ignoring the 30kph restrictions before an official U-turn is made.

The Herald took to the Quays as a means of "public consultation" and it is clear that most Dubliners cannot wait to see the issue overturned.

Most drivers, taxis and inter-city buses are continuing to drive at more than 30kph despite the introduction of a Green Wave, which gives drivers a clear run of green lights if they travel at the slow speed.

The idea was introduced a week after the new speed limit in a bid to encourage drivers to obey the law.

Dublin City Councillors have reopened the issue for public consultation after a backlash from motorists and the law now looks certain to be overturned.

The Irish Taxi Drivers Federation was one of the first groups to criticise the new city centre speed limit, describing it as "stupid" and "ridiculous", and a large number of taxis were travelling well above 30kph.

The huge number choosing to ignore the law is a clear indication of just how frustrated drivers have become.

Labour Cllr Andrew Montague, the 'Mr Slow' who championed the issue, has outlined plans to reduce the areas covered by the drastic speed limit.

He said he will put forward a new plan to keep the 30kph zone between Capel Street Bridge and O'Connell Bridge, but revert the rest of the quays to their former 50 kph speed limit.


In addition, the eastern boundary of the zone would be pulled back from Merrion.

Mr Montague has been working on a new joint Labour strategy with Cllr Dermot Lacey this week.

Their new motion is expected to be revealed at an emergency meeting of Dublin City Council's transport committee before it is submitted before the next full meeting of councillors on March 1.