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Driver went to buy sweets after hit-and-run horror where little girl (6) thrown into air


The hit-and-run driver who mowed down a little girl in Darndale stopped to buy sweets afterwards, her distraught mother has revealed.

Jennifer Casey (6) had to have bone fragments removed from her leg and metal plates inserted after she was run over at a set of pedestrian lights on the Malahide Road last Wednesday.

She had been crossing the road with her mother Jenny Squires when she was hit by the van.

After the impact little Jennifer was thrown into the air and landed on the bonnet of the van before the van ran over her, crushing her leg. It has since emerged that gardai have since found the vehicle outside a house in Coolock and are waiting to arrest the driver.

"The gardai are happy that they know who he is," Jenny said.

"They said there were no windows in the sides of the van and the windscreen was smashed in.

"They also have CCTV from a local garage showing the man buying sweets, looking like he didn't have a care in the world a short time after doubling-back past where he knocked Jennifer down," she told the Irish Daily Star.

"You'd have to be sick in the head the way he acted. Jennifer is in a lot of pain, but the doctors say it is a miracle how well she is recovering because there are tyre marks on her back and ribs that show how close she came to being killed," Jenny said.