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Driver tried to run over abandoned puppies

THESE cute puppies were seconds from death after a heartless motorist abandoned and then tried to drive over them.

The four-week-old female puppies were thrown out of a car at Millennium Business Park, Dublin, last week, and would have been crushed to death but for a quick-thinking passer-by.

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) said that they were immediately on the scene after they received the distraught call.

"We got a phone call from a guy in an office who noticed a car pulling up and the puppies being dumped at the side of the road. They were just thrown out," the DSPCA's Miriam Kerins said.

"He managed to grab one before the driver drove over it.

"They were just four weeks old, severely underweight and heavily worm burdened."

The terriers, now named Daffodil and Primrose, are extremely nervous, underweight and in poor health.

Now the race is on to find the mother.

"It is likely that she has mastitis and has a raging temperature. She will probably die because she can't expel her milk," Miriam said.

The puppies have been taken in by foster parents and are now on the road to recovery.

And the same day that these were brought into the DSPCA shelter, a young kitten was saved from a savage beating.

The 10-week-old, ginger and white male kitten was rescued from the city centre.

"We got a call from a lady in the city centre, who saved a kitten from a gang of kids," Miriam said.

"They were beating the little kitten.

"I find it most unsettling that a group of children could behave like that.

"The intensity and motivation for this abuse must be explored. We must remember animal abuse can be an indicator of future violence."

The kitty, christened George by care staff, is lucky to have survived such a beating and received emergency medical care.

"He wasn't too badly hurt and he recovered quickly enough," Miriam added.

Anyone who has any information can call the shelter or visit www.dspca.ie.