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Driver killed in car smash

A MOTORIST died in a two-car accident in Kildare this morning.

Gardai are investigating the circumstances of the crash which occurred on the M4 westbound at Kilmore.

A spokesman said: "One male driver aged 31 years was pronounced dead at scene. He has been removed to Naas General Hospital."

The driver of the second vehicle suffered "minor injuries". There were no passengers in either vehicle.

Women have 'better noses'

A new study appears to confirm that women have a better sense of smell than men, while older people can identify more garden scents than those half their age.

More women than men claimed to be able to recognise 14 out of 15 garden scents in the survey of 2,000 people for Gardeners' World magazine, and recognition improved with age.

More than 50pc of pensioners could identify 11 or more of the 15 top garden scents while the majority of 18 to 24-year-olds could only recognise six.

Nurse put dead foetuses in jars

An Ohio hospital has reached a proposed million-dollar settlement with women who said they were emotionally distressed to learn a former employee had stuffed their miscarried or stillborn foetuses into jars for years, instead of disposing of them, because of her profound religious beliefs.

Firelands Regional Medical Centre reached the agreement after years of litigation with 180 women who filed a lawsuit complaining about how the hospital in Sandusky disposed of the foetuses.

Michelle tells of

Beyonce dream

Who would US first lady Michelle Obama be if she could be anyone? Beyonce.

"It looks like musicians just have the most fun," Mrs Obama said in an interview with People magazine.

The first lady also revealed a bedtime ritual with her husband President Barack Obama -- he tucks her in at night.

The interview appears in the June 4 issue of People in connection with the release next week of Mrs Obama's new gardening book, American Grown.