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Driver had a forged licence

AN out-of-work bookbinder bought a fake driving licence from a man in a pub, then tried to have it renewed at the Motor Tax Office, a court heard.

Staff at the office became suspicious when James Connolly (43), of Old Tower Crescent, Clondalkin, produced the forgery that was in his own name and attempted to renew it.

He was given a two-month suspended sentence when he admitted a fraud charge at Blanchardstown District Court.



New Zealand's capital Wellington has been rattled by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that ruptured water mains, smashed windows and downed power lines.

Police said there had been minor structural damage that left parts of the city without power. There have been no reports of injury.



Two bombs have killed six people on the outskirts of Baghdad, as the death toll from a co-ordinated wave of late-night car bombings and other attacks rose to at least 70, according to authorities.

A bomb exploded early in the day in a fish market in a market in the town of Taji.

The explosions are the latest in a relentless surge in bloodshed that has rocked Iraq since the start of Ramadan.