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Driver gets €12.6k after 'big bang' crash involving model


Injured party Patrick Nedum. Photo: Collins Courts

Injured party Patrick Nedum. Photo: Collins Courts

Alison Canavan. Photo: Collins Courts

Alison Canavan. Photo: Collins Courts


Injured party Patrick Nedum. Photo: Collins Courts

A 44-year-old warehouse employee has won a Circuit Civil Court damages claim of €12,600 after he suffered whiplash injuries in a "big bang" road traffic collision caused by model Alison Canavan.

Patrick Nedum told the court that on September 27, 2011, he was stopped at traffic lights on Eden Quay, Dublin, during evening rush hour when Canavan rear-ended the car behind him, which bumped into his car.

Nedum, of Sherrad Street, Dublin, claimed the impact was a "big bang" which had pushed his car boot in. He said he developed neck pain the next day and attended his GP.

He told his barrister, Robert Fitzpatrick, that he suffered neck pain for a year. The court heard he needed to take anti- inflammatories and painkillers.

Mr Fitzpatrick, who appeared with LawPlus Solicitors, said Mr Nedum had needed to attend a physiotherapy session.

Nedum sued Canavan, of Castleknock Cottages, Castleknock, and the other driver, Bernie Keenan, of Elderwood Road, Palmerstown, for negligence.

Canavan told the court that the impact had been minor and caused no damage to her car. Keenan said she suffered no injuries following the accident.


Both defendants alleged that Nedum had suffered neck injuries previously in 2008. They also claimed his neck injury was due to a degenerative condition.

Circuit Court president, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke said he was satisfied that Mr Nedum had suffered whiplash type injuries, although "he may not have been as symptomatic as he said he was".

Judge Groarke awarded damages along with legal costs.