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Driver found hiding in his bath after garda car chase

A DANGEROUS driver found hiding in his bath at home after fleeing gardai who caught him using his mobile phone has been jailed for four months.

David McGuinness (20) nearly hit a pedestrian as gardai chased him through heavy snow last month. He was eventually found hiding behind the shower curtain in his bath.

McGuinness, of Harelawn Drive, Clondalkin, admitted charges of dangerous driving and failing to stop for a garda.

The incident happened at Collinstown Road, Clondalkin on January 8.

Blanchardstown District Court heard gardai were on duty in Harelawn when they saw McGuinness driving a Honda SUV towards them, clearly talking on his phone.

The gardai signalled him to stop and he sped past, exiting the estate and continuing down the snow and ice-covered road.

He swerved and slid all over the road as he tried to escape -- with other road-users frantically avoiding him.

At Wheatfield Drive, the vehicle slid out of control as he attempted to bring it to a halt. It finally stopped against a kerb and a pedestrian had to run out of the way.

McGuinness abandoned the vehicle and ran home, shutting the door behind him. Gardai knocked and the door was opened by a woman.

The house was searched and the gardai found McGuinness "standing in the bath, hiding behind the shower curtain".

He was arrested after a brief struggle.

Judge David McHugh refused to reduce the charge to careless driving after hearing the evidence.

The court heard he had nine previous convictions and was banned from driving at the time of the offence.

"This was an appalling episode," Judge McHugh said.