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Drinker punched pub staff in girl row

A PUB-GOER attacked staff at a city bar when one of them refused to serve the woman he was with and allegedly called her a "tramp", a court heard.

Kevin Daunt (53) punched one employee in the back of the head and kicked another twice on the leg when he was asked to leave, along with his female companion.

Judge Cormac Dunne fined him €400 over the incident, which happened in the city centre before Christmas.

Daunt, of Longlands, Swords, pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to charges of assault, breach of the peace and public intoxication.

The court heard that Daunt went to Mac Turcaill's pub on Townsend Street at 2pm on December 10. He was in the company of a woman and they both had drink taken, a garda sergeant said.


"The female was refused service and after an exchange, she was put out," the garda said.

Daunt came up behind an employee and punched him in the back of the head. He kicked a barman on the shin twice, breaking the skin.

When gardai arrived at the scene, Daunt was "extremely intoxicated and abusive", and was arrested. He was unemployed and had no previous convictions.

Asked by Judge Dunne why the incident happened, the accused said: "We had a few drinks, they wouldn't serve the girl I was with and she got a bit upset."

He said one of the staff called the woman a "tramp".

"That was when I got upset," Daunt said. The judge fixed recognisances in the event of an appeal.