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Drink up... cyclists to set off from Dublin on 1,600-mile pub crawl


Temple Bar will be the starting point of the trip

Temple Bar will be the starting point of the trip

Temple Bar will be the starting point of the trip

It could be described as the best pub crawl in the world... probably.

A group of intrepid cyclists will next year travel some 1,600 miles from the home of Guinness in Dublin to the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen.

The June 2018 adventure, which is the brain-child of tours group TDA Global Cycling, will see about 40 people ride for 35 days, taking in Europe's most iconic beer cities.

After leaving Temple Bar, the tour will have stops in Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and, finally, Denmark.

TDA spokesperson Shanny Hill said Dublin was the obvious place to start a pub crawl through the watering holes of northern Europe.

"Obviously Guinness is world-renowned, but people know Ireland for a variety of beers and just the pub culture in Dublin and Ireland is part of the mystique for this trip," said Mr Hill.

"Dublin seemed like a logical place to start because of the beers like Guinness and all the different drinks offered in Ireland. We want to take a group photo in Temple Bar in Dublin and then set off.

"We were trying to get something that tied together that region of [Europe] and certainly beer is an obvious one through the UK and Germany and Belgium.

"And obviously just the connection for cyclists to beer. It is a strong connection. It is part of the culture."


The Toronto-based company focuses on long-distance trips to some of the most far-flung places on the planet.

"We try to include as many different countries and cultures as possible," said Mr Hill.

"We have already had a huge response. We're very excited about it, it will be a lot of fun.

"There are 35 to 40 in the first group, which is fully booked, and we've launched a second date and there will be 25 in the second group. It still has spaces and starts three days later.

"Where it is possible we want to stay at or near local pubs so we can take the group out to dinner at the pub and certainly tour distilleries and breweries along the way."

Mr Hill said the beer and whiskey sampling will all be done at night. "We hope so", he said, laughing.

The tour itinerary states the cyclists "will head north after Temple Bar through the green Irish countryside, crossing what once was one of the world's most guarded borders".

"A rest day in Belfast will give the cyclists a chance to enjoy the legendary Irish craic and a shot or two of Bushmills Irish Whiskey in some of the city's fabled bars," it adds.

From Belfast, a ferry will take the riders to Scotland to sample some of the world's most famous malt whiskies.

After crossing to France, they will bike to Belgium, where they can try famous beers crafted by Trappist monks. In Amsterdam, they will sample Heineken, before heading to Hamburg, Germany, for some local beer.

The tour will then head to Denmark by ferry and end in Copenhagen, at the home of Carlsberg.