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Drilling firm strikes gold in the south east

AN exploration company has literally struck gold in the sunny south east of Ireland.

An area between Wicklow and Wexford is now being examined after the "very good gold find" to establish if it could be worth mining.

The IMC Exploration Group said the find is "very exciting".

"We have found gold and there is no ifs or buts about it," its chairman Liam McGrattan said. "We have to be measured about this, but it is a real gold find," he added.

The company is going to continue to drill and say the future of the site is promising.

"It's a very exciting project and we are confident we will have a gold mine in the area where we found this," Mr McGrattan explained.

"We don't know how much there is at this time but it is a very significant find," he added.

The south east of Ireland has a golden history, with a gold rush in south Wicklow back in the 18th century.

IMC's managing director Dr Glenn Millar said the latest data shows promising grades of gold and that drilling has also commenced at the aptly-named Goldmine River in Co Wicklow.