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Dream day for brave Matthew as he becomes part of a real fire crew

A BOY'S dreams came true when he became a special fireman for the day.

Matthew Evans recently celebrated his 10th birthday with members of the Dublin Fire Brigade, who made sure that the young lad had a day to remember.

The Dublin native was diagnosed with a extremely rare genetic disorder when he was just six years old.

His mother Avril Walsh explained he is the only sufferer of "adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency" in Ireland.

She said that her only son was "overjoyed" after he was given the VIP treatment at the Swords Fire Station last Sunday morning.

"A friend of mine is in the Order of Malta, so he wrote to the station officer," she told the Herald.

"And when we arrived there we were met by him, who then brought us around and showed Matthew the fire trucks.

"They brought him out on a truck, gave him a go of the hose, put the helmet on him and put the sirens on," the 34-year-old explained.

"They were just so patient with him."

Because of Matthew's condition he is not verbal, is confined to a wheelchair and could suffer an average of eight-to-ten epileptic seizures per week.

His caring mother said that the highlight of their trip was when the firemen brought the disabled boy back to the station where they had a birthday cake, as well as presents and sang happy birthday to him.

"It was really, really special. They made a morning of it. They were just so good. I don't how to thank them enough," she added.


She said that other than the epileptic seizures, her son is "so healthy and happy."

"He loves music, lights, listening to pop music on the radio and is a big SpongeBob Squarepants fan."

She said that she is so grateful to the staff at the north Dublin Fire Station, and that she "can't thank them enough."

"They were just so amazing," she added.