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Dream come true for Karl as he gets to record with Olly Murs in Los Angeles

Eurovision songwriter Karl Broderick has joined forces with X Factor star Olly Murs out in LA, the Diary can reveal.

Karl was spending a number of weeks Stateside working with Modest Management, who boast names such as One Direction and Little Mix on their books, when he jumped at the chance to collaborate in the studio with Olly.

The Dublin star, who is married to TV3 presenter Alan Hughes, said that working with the Xtra Factor host was a brilliant experience and that the pair can't wait to work together again.

"Olly's manager, Mark Murphy, has really been pushing me and my songs out in LA and when I was there recently I got to work with Olly when he was writing and recording his fourth album," he said.

"He's such a nice guy, so down to earth and we had a great time together. It was great to see him work as well.

"One evening he was concerned about writing the lead song for the new album and the next day he came back to me and he had written it overnight.

"He sang it for me and it's just brilliant, it's so exciting to see him go in a new direction. It's very brave."

While taking some time off from the studio, the pair even went bowling with Aussie star Delta Goodrem as they chilled out together in the California party town.


"We had a great time hanging out as well, one night we went bowling with Delta and her friend which was an absolute blast. Her friend writes the winners' songs for the Australian X Factor so we had great chats together. We had such a fun night."

Karl also got to collaborate with other songwriters. "I also worked with Marcus Killian, who penned Whistle for Flo-Rida, and it was so interesting to see these hit songwriters in the studio afterwards working really hard trying to get another hit.

"Even if you get a number one or win an award, you're always chasing the next hit," he continued.

Things are really on the up for Karl after his disappointment earlier this year. The Movie Song, which he wrote for former X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg, failed to make the grade - but it did get nominated for a prestigious award in Russia.

"I'm very busy at the moment which is brilliant. I have four different camps looking to work with me right now, which is so exciting. My head is buzzing with all the plans," he added.

"Coming up with the material isn't the hard part; it's getting people to hear it so it's great to have all the ducks in a row at the moment. It's a lot of hard work but it's all worth it once your song gets out there."