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Dr Eva splashes out on home pool to keep fit ... in private

There's obviously no recession in nutrition.

Operation Transformation's straight-talking diet expert Dr Eva has been granted planning permission to add a swimming pool and sauna to her co Wicklow home.

But the Finnish dietician says her extravagant addition is purely for health reasons.

The blonde expert revealed that the pool would not only be an indulgent comfort and that it would ensure that she exerts herself as much as any Operation Transformation participant.

"Obviously, I need to fight the flab myself, and with the show, I can't go out anymore and show my fatty pieces in the swimming pool because everybody will be able to see it so I have to do in the privacy of my own house," she laughed.

"I will be trying to keep myself in shape, I'm aiming to be like Jane Fonda.


"Hopefully I will be living in the countryside in Ireland for a long time so this is an investment although I did say that if [Operation Transformation leader] Emily [Pigott] didn't lose weight after my visit to Killarney, I would have to leave the country.

"People must be asking her to eat more now to make sure I keep my promise!"

Meanwhile, the inclusion of a sauna will remind her of her native Finland.

"It's really part of our culture, 60 years ago, people would have had washed themselves in the -40C cold.

"Family members would go there together because we don't have a problem with nudity over there -- you're a little more conservative here.

"They say that in Finnish politics all the most important decisions have been taken there because it's for socialising so I'm really looking forward to having my own." The nutrition specialist lives in a small village near Greystones, Co Wicklow, with her husband Wyatt and her two sons.

"We bought this horrendously old house, we've been living there for four years, and we've been continuously renovating it bit by bit so we planned from the beginning to extend it," she told the Herald.

"This is not a question of luxury, this is just a necessity because that is how we live, we have sauna at least twice a week in Finland so I've been wanting one all these years,"

-- adelina campos