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'Dr Death' to hold assisted suicide workshop here


Dr Philip Nitschke. Photo: Damien Eagers

Dr Philip Nitschke. Photo: Damien Eagers

Dr Philip Nitschke. Photo: Damien Eagers

'DOCTOR Death' is to hold a workshop on voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide in Dublin on Saturday.

Controversial medic Philip Nitschke will press ahead with the presentation, despite being interviewed by detectives at Gatwick airport this week.

The partner of terminally ill Marie Fleming, Tom Curran, was also detained at Heathrow airport for a time before being allowed to attend an Exit International workshop yesterday.

"Tom was there, he spoke at it and we will be travelling to Dublin this week," Mr Nitschke told the Herald last night.

Topics for the workshop in Liberty Hall include suicide notes, the use of poison and non-prescription drugs.

On Sunday, Dr Nitschke was questioned by detectives as he arrived in the UK capital to deliver his seminar.

The Australian native said he was shocked when immigration officials took him aside.

"There are issues about terrorism and other things that require good border protection, but I wouldn't have thought giving people end-of-life choices comes into that category," he said. Dr Nitschke said that although he was carrying test kits and demonstration items, he was not carrying any drugs or prohibited items.

Separately, right-to-die campaigner Tom Curran was stopped at Heathrow Airport.

His partner Marie Fleming (59) was at the centre of a high-profile challenge to the ban on assisted suicide in Ireland.

Although Ms Fleming lost her Supreme Court challenge, Mr Curran is the European co-ordinator of Exit International.

The Exit workshops inform attendees on a range of euthanasia methods including gases and poisons.