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Dozing bank clerk tried to transfer e222,222,222.22

A German court has ruled that a bank supervisor was unfairly dismissed for failing to double-check a €222,222,222.22 transaction made when a clerk fell asleep with his finger on a keyboard.

The 48-year-old was fired for failing to investigate the accidental multi-million euro transfer, which took place when a junior clerk started dozing at his desk. He had been attempting a transfer of just €64.20.

Judges ruled that the supervisor's failure to spot the error was not worthy of dismissal. They instead decided she should only have been reprimanded.

The judges pointed out the woman had already checked 812 transactions that day, and was allowed just a few seconds to check each one for irregularities and errors.

It was clear there had been no malicious intent on the supervisor's behalf. Judges ordered the bank to reinstate her.

The deposit was spotted by a third employee later in the day and corrected before any money was actually transferred.