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Down memory lane as 80 years of guiding captured in new book

MEMBERSHIP of the Catholic Guides of Ireland is on the increase because of the recession. The organisation, which has some 10,000 members in Dublin, said numbers are increasing thanks to their low costs.

Parents looking to instil some traditional values in their daughters are looking to the organisation, which, despite the name, is non-denominational.

CGI have recently released a book commemorating their 80 years in existence.

The book, entitled In The Spirit Of Adventure: The History Of The Catholic Guides Of Ireland, recounts 80 years of guiding in Ireland and is full of accounts and pictures since their founding in 1928.

"It recounts 80 years of CGI and also the role of women in the setting up of Ireland, it goes a lot into that," PR commissioner for CGI Suzanne Mason told the Herald.

"It features a lot of pictures which were taken over the years. We actually have a photographic exhibition going around the country, and visiting various libraries. It's bringing back a lot of happy memories for a lot of people."

Hundreds of thousands of Irish women have been members of CGI over the last 80 years. The Dublin membership reached a high of 30,000 some 30 years ago.

"It levelled off in the last few years, but it's starting to increase again now. We tend to do better in a recession. We're very inexpensive when compared to other organisations. Our uniforms are less than €100," Suzanne added.

The book is available from Veritas online for €14.99 or see www.girlguidesireland.ie.