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Dougie's gang linked to mayhem and murder across two cities

STEPHEN 'Dougie' Moran grew up with criminal alliances in Limerick and then in Dublin, where his family moved to more than 30 years ago.

His murder on Saturday night is the first time the extended McCarthy-Dundon gang have lost a blood relation in a gun attack.

Moran left Limerick in the 1970s with his family after their home in O'Malley Park was shot up.

However, he remained influential in the crime scene in both Dublin and Limerick.

He collected hitman James Martin Cahill from a train in Limerick in 2002.

Cahill shot nightclub security man Brian Fitzgerald (32) dead after he refused to let drug dealers operate in Doc's nightclub.


Moran was identified as being linked to the murder, but gardai did not have enough evidence.

In 2003, he tried to intimidate a jury member.

Five men – including his cousins Dessie Dundon and Anthony 'Noddy' McCarthy – were all on trial for the murder of Limerick crime boss Kieran Keane and were ultimately found guilty.

Moran supplied the McCarthy-Dundons with two armour-plated bulletproof vehicles in 2008. The 4x4 high-powered cars were later seized by CAB.

When the M50 route around Dublin was being built, Moran extorted cash from contractors, who were advised their machinery would be safe as long as they used his security business. Had they not paid up, their property would have been burnt out.

Moran also had links to the CIRA.

When Ger Dundon was released from Wheatfield prison on January 18, Moran was waiting for him outside the jail.

Moran was the uncle of Christopher Moran whose girlfriend Melanie McCarthy-McNamara was shot dead in Tallaght in 2012. Christopher was the intended target.