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Double murder suspect claims he is mentally ill

A TURKISH waiter accused of murdering two Irishwomen has claimed that he is mentally ill.

Recep Cetin (22) is accused of killing Marian Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both 53, in woodland near the Turkish holiday resort of Kusadasi.

Yesterday Cetin appeared in court in Izmir with his co-accused father Eyup Cetin (43) in the latest hearing of a drawn-out trial.

During the 46-minute hearing, chief judge Orhan Kiziltas read out records of the telephone conversation held between police and a secret witness. He concluded that the records were valid.



Recep Cetin's lawyer, Altan Tunali, then asked the judge to have medical experts ascertain his client's mental state.

The chief judge asked Cetin if he had ever undergone treatment for mental issues, to which Cetin responded: "No."

Cetin told the court he committed the murders while he was "18 and under pressure" and that the victims "incited" him with their insults and "physical attacks".

Cetin also said he regretted what happened, while claiming the victims were "like a family" to him.

Chief judge Kiziltas ruled that an examination of Cetin's mental health be conducted at Manisa mental health hospital.

Cetin, whose father Eyup is accused of aiding the crime, reaffirmed his father's innocence.

Eyup Cetin rejected accusations that he helped his son in the murders and pleaded for his release. He said the secret witness who claimed he saw him aiding his son lied.

Eyup Cetin's lawyer, Aydogan Yolpan, also asked the court for detailed mapping of the telephone conversation held between the secret witness and police officials, which were yesterday read out in court.

The judge adjourned the case until July 8 so that the testimony of the secret witness's friends could be heard, along with GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) records of the witness's phone conversation.

The bodies of Marian Graham and Kathy Dinsmore were found in woods in August 2011.

Ms Graham and her daughter, Shannon, regularly travelled to Turkey, where Shannon met Cetin and started a relationship with him.

The pair were said to have been seeing each other for two-and-a-half years as the family spent their summers in the Turkish resort and travelled back to Ireland in winter.

By August 2011 their relationship was strained after Cetin put pressure on teenager Shannon to marry him, with neighbours reporting shouting heard late into the night.



In a bid to dissuade Cetin from attempting to marry her daughter, Ms Graham is thought to have enlisted the help of a friend, Ms Dinsmore.

The pair agreed to drive with Cetin on a shopping trip, before it is alleged he drove them to woodlands, stabbed Ms Graham in the chest and cut Ms Dinsmore's throat.

Police arrested Cetin soon after the bodies were found, and he allegedly confessed to the murders during a police interview.