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Double murder bloodbath

A VIOLENT criminal and his teenage pal were shot dead when gunmen stormed a house overnight.

The killers opened up indiscriminately with a shotgun and an automatic handgun, killing gangland figure Andy Barry and the teenager from Lithuania at the house in Co Kildare.

Two others in the house at Kilcock were wounded in the crossfire, one seriously.

There are fears of a savage retaliation after the killing of Barry (30), a nephew of notorious crime suspect Troy Jordan.

Two other men who were in the house at Rochford Avenue in Kilcock at 10.20pm on Tuesday night were seriously injured in the gun attack. The killings unfolded in the downstairs area of the house when it was stormed by masked gunmen.

Murdered Barry, a drug dealer, was at the centre of a bitter feud that has seen numerous violent incidents in the Tallaght area over the past two months.

Barry and a pal, who is believed to be in his late teens, were rushed by ambulance to Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown, but both were pronounced dead later.

It is understood that the teenage man is a Lithuanian national but he has not been identified. The other two men who were in the house were taken to the Tallaght and Mater hospitals for treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

These men have been named locally as Michael Galvin (38) from Derinturn, Co Kildare, and Lithuanian national Nerijus Kelmelis (25). They are known to gardai as friends of Barry.


Sources say that the bitter feud that has led to the double murder spiralled out of control because of a turf war over drug dealing in south Dublin.

Gardai believe the shocking double murder is retaliation for an incident in Tallaght last month in which a BMW car was sprayed with machine gun fire.

The car as well as a property connected to Andy Barry's rival were peppered with bullets fired from a machine pistol.

The machine gun attack happened only two days after a shotgun incident at Bawnlea Avenue on February 14.

At least one shot was fired when rival drug dealers met for "a straightener".

Detectives responding to an emergency call from a concerned resident arrived in the area and noticed three suspicious vehicles at the scene.

Two of these cars - a silver VW Golf and a blue BMW - were seized by gardai and are being forensically examined.

The occupants of these cars were searched and questioned but no arrests were made.

The chief suspect for ordering last night's double murder is a notorious 23-year-old hood who has convictions for drug dealing after being targeted when he was 19-years-old by undercover officers from the garda national drugs unit.

He has a history of assaulting women and criminal rivals.

The main target of the atrocity - Barry - had a fearsome reputation in gangland circles with strong links to drugs trafficking in south Dublin and north Kildare.

"He was an absolute brute - involved in all types of gang activity as well as brutally assaulting and torturing people who owed him money for drugs.


"He traded on the reputation of his uncle Troy Jordan even though he was a far more violent criminal than Troy," explained a source.

The house where the killings took place remained sealed off today pending a full forensic examination by members of the garda technical bureau.

There were no visible signs of forced entry or gunshot damage leading gardai to suspect that the killers were let into the house, or forced their way in.

No 15 Rochford Avenue lies in the middle of a small terrace of houses in the heart of the large middle-class estate on the outskirts of Kilcock.

A separate crime scene on Rochford Drive, immediately behind Rochford Avenue, was also sealed off.

Sources today said that one man had been found hiding in the garden of a house behind the one targeted, possibly after suffering an injury, while another men who had received gunshot wounds to the leg was outside the front of the house.

Neighbours were reluctant to talk about last night's shocking killings, but some locals said the house had been visited before by gardai.

There were also reports that a young woman took her own life in the house around 18 months ago.