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Don't think about cost, call fire brigade

There are all kinds of reasons you dread a fire in your home, not least the danger it would pose to you and your family. However, you wouldn't be silly enough to try and put it out yourself, would you? Well, after the recent announcement by Dublin City Council that they're the latest local authority to start charging for fire brigade call-outs some people may be tempted to try to tackle a blaze themselves.

The first hour call out fee will be a whopping €610 for chimney fires and €500 for domestic fires. After that, they're charging per tender attending.

Naturally, fire fighters fear it might put householders off dialling 999 and attempting to deal with it themselves.

Our advice? Don't. Ever.

Always call the fire brigade and worry about money issues later.

In many cases your home insurance covers the cost of a call out.