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Don't strop the music, Rihanna

FIRST she was kicked off a farmer's field for stripping off -- now Rihanna has stormed off the set of her latest music video because fans got too much for her.

The R'n'B singer threw the tantrum on the second day of filming of the video in Belfast yesterday.

It followed problems on Monday when a farmer demanded that raunchy filming in one of his fields be stopped, because he deemed it "inappropriate".

Yesterday a scantily clad Rihanna (23) threatened to stop filming scenes for her We Found Love video and demanded onlookers "back-off".

Finally she decided enough was enough and fled to a nearby house in the New Lodge area of the city after abandoning her film crew.

The fuming songstress said the leering crowds were getting to close for comfort.

One shocked fan said that the pressure was obviously too much for the singer, who flew into a rage and shouted at photographers.

"She stormed over to photographers at the edge of the crowd and told everyone to push back or she'd leave.

"At least we got a good eyeful when she came back out of the house," a resident said, after the star returned finally to the set.

Rihanna made headlines earlier in the week thanks to her feisty antics on Bangor farmer Alan Graham's land.

DUP councillor Graham ordered the popstar's crew to leave his field after RiRi's camera work became too risque for the religious grandfather. The singer danced around the roadside field in Co Down sporting a red bikini with jeans, before stripping off to pose topless.

"I feel that I have a responsibility to control what goes on, on my property," the 61-year-old told the Herald. "I was uncomfortable to see what was happening."