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Don't let FF wreck your chances, Gay

WHAT started off as a mere trickle has now turned into an unstoppable river of support for our own beloved Uncle Gaybo.

It seems the RTE star and broadcasting veteran can do no wrong.

So I'm going to give him some advice -- don't ally yourself with Fianna Fail, Gay. You don't need them.

The unofficial campaign for Gaybo for President is already under way and doesn't show any sign of going away, unless the man himself says he's not interested in the job.


With the withdrawal of Senator David Norris from the race, it would apear Gaybo is the top choice among voters. The recent 4FM opinion poll and Ryan Tubridy's text poll on his 2fm show show Gaybo has an incredible majority over the other candidates.

At the age of 77, Gaybo is just a mere whip of a boy! He enjoys good health and is robust, with all the vitality of a young man.

Sure at 77, a pope is considered to be a whippersnapper for the papacy.

But genuinely, Gaybo is revered, loved and respected.

He would be, in my opinion, would make an ideal president.

People like Fianna Fail stalwart Mary O'Rourke and best-selling author Maeve Binchy are singing his praises and urging him to make a run for it.

Just one word of caution for Gay -- all he needs now is a nomination, but he must not be allied to any political party -- and certainly not associated as the preferred candidate of Fianna Fail.