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Don't fret, the Liffey seal's having a whale of a time

DUBLINERS are being assured the seal living in the Liffey is perfectly safe and healthy in his unusual habitat.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary (ISS) has been inundated with calls from concerned people who have observed what appears to be an injured seal in the river.

Pauline Beades, from the ISS, said they are keeping an eye on the young pup and are satisfied he is simply curious.

"We're getting an awful lot of calls from members of the public," Pauline said. "He has been hanging out at the new Samuel Beckett bridge. He just sits there watching people," she added.

"He's just curious, he obviously likes the Liffey and he's getting a lot of attention. The more attention he gets, the more he'll stay around."

Pauline said when seals are happy and content they stretch their back in a banana shape, which might lead people to believe they are injured.

"Seals love basking in the sun," she said.

"It is running on three months now that this city seal has been coming and going into the Liffey."

Meanwhile sanctuary staff and volunteers are all settling into their new home in Courtown, Co Wexford, but are disappointed that works are not as advanced as they thought they might have been at this stage. "We would love to have it up and running," Pauline said.