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Don't forget your raincoat if you're going to the match

IF YOU'RE one of the thousands of GAA fans heading to Croke Park or rugby supporters looking forward to the opening game in the Aviva stadium tomorrow. . . don't forget to bring your raincoat.

On a weekend crammed with sport, including the Irish Open at Killarney, sports fans will be hoping that the weather remains dry despite the threat of some heavy showers.

A spokesperson for Met Eireann explained to the Herald that temperatures will vary this weekend with both sunshine and showers expected.

"The weather will be changeable over the Bank Holiday weekend. Saturday will be quite cool with temperatures of 18 to 19 degrees and quite showery. There will be bouts of sunshine along with showers," the spokesperson said.

"On Sunday, it will be fairly cloudy with spots of light rain, particularly in the South. Temperatures should average at 18 degrees.

"Monday will be fairly dry, especially in the East until the night. But in the West, there will be outbreaks of drizzle."


However, Dubliners will revel in the news that it's not all bad weather and there is some sunshine expected to appear this weekend.

As the weekend wraps up this Monday, there will be a pleasant start to the four-day week ahead, with Met Eireann predicting it to be dry for the entire day.

"In Dublin, there will be a few scattered showers on Saturday and Sunday, but there should be some sunshine. But Monday will be dry until after dark."