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‘Don’t call me supermum’ – Miriam

Glamorous mother-of-eight Miriam O’Callaghan has said she cringes every time she’s referred to as a supermum’

Miriam, who combining a busy TV career with the demands of raising a large family, says that she’s uncomfortable with the description because she thinks
 she’s no different from women of her mother’s generation.

The 54-year-old insists she doesn’t deserve the constant praise, because the size of her family would have been considered relatively normal when she was growing up.

She said: “I’ve gotten used to the eight children’ bit by now. The only thing I ever felt bad about it is that women of my mother’s generation had lots of children - big families - and nobody thought anything of it.

“I do feel embarrassed, though, when people seem to think that me having eight children is something great. It’s not. I’m just doing what those women of my mother’s generation did, and nobody praised them.”

In an interview with Ireland’s Own, she added: “I always say that stay-at-home mothers have the hardest job because it’s constant and you never get a break.”