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Don't break Aviva link with Ireland

The announcement that hundreds of jobs are in jeopardy at multinational insurance firm Aviva will put fear into the hearts of many Dublin families today.

As the firm considers axeing up to 700 jobs while moving its European headquarters from the capital to London next month, workers at the company have been left to face mounting uncertainty.

Coming hard on the heels of the loss of 575 jobs at Talk Talk in Waterford -- and its effects on that city -- their concern is palpable and understandable.

Such job losses would be a devastating blow to the workers, their families, the wider community and, because of their scale, would be a blow to the Irish economy as a whole.

Aviva has had business in Ireland -- under one name or another -- for over 100 years. Right now our best wishes are with the workers as they wait to see if this long link will be fractured.