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Don't believe the promises of the Cartridge Family

"Promises/Promises"... sometime around 10 o'clock tomorrow night a packed Olympia Theatre will be gleefully yelling those words back at Jim Kerr when Simple Minds launch into Promised You A Miracle, from their definitive 1982 album New Gold Dream.

And given that we're now a year on from the General Election the promises that were made and the dreams of a new start away from the gougers and go-boys of Fianna Fail look rather shabby in the harsh light of spring 2012.

Fine Gael have proven to be nothing more than craven copyists of their predecessors, and while it was admittedly fun to see Fianna Fail destroyed last year for their sins down the decades (along with the Catholic Church and the GAA they're responsible for Ireland being the basket case it is -- two down, one to go) the new boss is pretty much the same as the old one.

Jobs for 'advisers' above the agreed rates, blatant lies when it came to vital issues such as healthcare and a forelock-tugging approach to our European overlords, ah yes, Fine Gael and their lapdogs in Labour have done the political system proud.

And what of those brave warriors from Sinn Fein?

This crowd have managed to gull the truly simple-minded into thinking that they're some class of righteous socialist reformers and have somehow finagled themselves into a position where they've usurped FF as the perceived main opposition party.

That's some going for a party littered with former terrorists and Fianna Fail renegades.

Oh but it was truly marvellous to see these bluffers and blowhards take one in the gut during the week when it emerged that their former spokesman for law and order (surely an oxymoronic title given Sinn Fein's, er, colourful past) Aengus O Snodaigh's racking up of more than e50,000 in printing costs -- at the taxpayers' expense.

The bullish Mr Snowdy claimed that his constituents in Dublin South-Central were the beneficiaries of this vast expense despite even Mary Louise McDonald (who still looks like a besotted gangster's moll whenever she's photographed next to Gerry Adams) grudgingly admitting that this seemed 'excessive', although not before blaming the system that allowed Snowdy to avail of the equivalent of three toner cartridges a day over a two-year period.

The morons who voted for Sinn Fein in the first place deserve everything they get from these dangerous chancers but the rest of us must remain vigilant and clock every move they make.

And given the inky fingers of Snowdy, Adams and a raft of Sinn Fein/TDs wouldn't they be better off renaming their gang as the Cartridge Family?