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Donald Trump seeks to save Irish golf course from the waves


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump wants to install €10m sea defences along a stretch of the west coast to stop his Doonbeg links course in Co Clare being washed away.

Doonbeg Golf Resort will seek planning permission to put in place 200,000 tonnes of large boulders to prevent further erosion of the course along a 2.8km stretch at Doughmore beach.

Last year, the resort lost substantial ground at the 6th, 9th and 10th holes, with two winter storms removing up to 10 metres of dune along the length of the beach.

The resort warned that if the coastal protection works to be located at the toe of the sand dunes are not place, it could lose up to 100 metres of ground in certain places before 2050.