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Domhnall - I'm still known for Amy 'bottle sketch'

DESPITE his Hollywood success Domhnall Gleeson can't escape a cringe-inducing comedy sketch with Amy Huberman- saying it's still what gets him noticed.

The Dubliner, who has appeared in the Harry Potter franchise, has also been snapped up for the next Star Wars movie.

"Nobody on the street has ever stopped me for Harry Potter! People stop me for a comedy sketch I did where I was sh**ting in a bottle - that's what people back home recognise me for," he joked.

The sketch is four years old now and it shows the son of Oscar winner Brendan Gleeson on a road trip with comedy star Amy.

He opts for extreme measures when he needs to use the bathroom in the clip from an RTE TV show.

But ancient history aside, it has undeniably been a whirlwind of late for the actor.

He was in acclaimed movie Frank, where he stars in alongside Michael Fassbender, and enjoyed unprecedented success this year.

The film was part of a trio of roles that allowed the actor to work with the cream of Irish talent - including his dad Brendan in smash hit Calvary.

Brooklyn, in which the Dub stars alongside Saoirse Ronan, is currently in post production.


But clinching a role in the new Star Wars film, directed by JJ Abrams, was one of his greatest coups professionally.

The highly anticipated movie is uniting a stellar cast of Hollywood greats.

"You want to work with the best people, so it's just an absolute joy to be a part of it," he said.

There seems to be no slowing down for the Malahide man.

Up next in a string of heavyweight movie projects is a Western with Leonardo DiCaprio.

He landed a spot alongside the A-lister in The Revenant, cementing his place as a name to be reckoned with.