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Dollymount 'meets criteria' for Blue Flag

DOLLYMOUNT Beach has met all the criteria to regain its Blue Flag next month, Dublin City Council has revealed.

But the final decision rests with international experts, the local authority added.

Dollymount on the northside was a Blue Flag beach between 2008 and 2010, but lost the status for cleanliness last year as the water quality measurements were not up to scratch.

The council made a fresh application this year.

"All criteria in the application were filled out positively and all conditions necessary to achieve the Blue Flag on the beach and (Bull) Island have been put in place by the parks and landscape services division," the local authority stated.

Water quality results "in line with the rules and regulations of the competition" have been forwarded by council's central laboratory to An Taisce, which administers the award here.


"The International Jury will be meeting on April 27 2012 and so it is expected the Dublin City Council will have information regarding the result of the application in early May 2012," a report revealed.

New regulations coming into effect next year mean that, if the flag is lost again, the applicant will have to wait four years before being eligible again.

The International Blue Flag Awards ceremony is to take place on June 7.

Council officials revealed previously that water quality results for the 2011 bathing season had been "excellent".

"The loss of the flag, which had been awarded in 2008, 2009 and 2010, occurred as the water quality measurements did not achieve the high standard within the designated bathing area," the council said.

In order to qualify in 2012, the beach must comply with all the criteria, including one-year successful water quality sampling. In all, there are 32 criteria including beach management and maintenance.

Water sampling must take place where the concentration of bathers is highest.

Where there are potential sources of pollution, additional samples are taken.

The council said: "Achieving the Blue Flag standard regarding water quality has always been a challenge and is greatly affected by weather conditions.

"However, it should be noted water quality readings in the designated bathing area have always been well within national and EU limits to allow for safe bathing. The Blue Flag standard is at higher level."