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Dole cheats rule as cancer patients wait

WELCOME TO Ireland 2011 -- where you wait months for a cancer scan but get your dole without a quibble.

I read this week that over 600 people are waiting more than three years for a colonoscopy at Beaumont Hospital alone. More than 2,000 are waiting nationwide.

These are scandalous figures, not least because colon cancer is one of the most curable forms of the disease, if detected early. To make this situation worse it has already being highlighted by the case of the tragic death of Susie Long. She passed away in 2007 after waiting seven months for a scan. Clearly, and sadly, the powers that be seem to have forgotten her tragic case.

Conversely, I read this week that an estimated 30,000 people are cheating the social welfare system, leading to a long-overdue crackdown by Joan Burton.

These scroungers are not subject to any delay for their State service -- unlike those waiting for cancer scans in our hospitals. It is high time this country got its priorities right.