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doggy day care for busy Dublin workers

DOGGY day care has arrived in 

Entrepreneur Alan Pullen has opened a centre for people to leave their canine friend while at work. Employees worried about leaving their animals at home while they are working are delighted with the 'creche' for pets.

"You drop the dog from early morning and collect them on your way home," Alan told the Herald.

His partner Fiona Brannock runs a dog-grooming business next door called The Fluffy Mutts, so the pair have devised a one-stop shop for pet pampering.

In Alan's facility, there is room for up to 15 dogs and he is confident that he will soon reach capacity.

"We play with them and they get walked a couple of times a day. It's great for them to have the company instead of staying at home alone all day," Alan said.

"We also have an agility course set up where they get a bit of training."

It costs just €15 to leave your dog under Alan's care for the day.

When the idea for a dedicated doggy day care struck the Ringsend native, he turned to Inner City Enterprise (ICE) for help.

ICE is a charity group that has been helping Dublin city businesses get off the ground for two decades.