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Dog pound in Liveline row rapped over indoor kennels

A council-licensed dog pound has been told by welfare inspectors that some of its kennels are "not fit for purpose".

The Ashtown Dog Pound in Dublin 15 -- which was slated on Joe Duffy's Liveline last year -- was inspected by the DSPCA.

In a report, the society chief Jimmy Cahill said the facility's indoor kennels are "cramped" and should not be used to house dogs for longer than a day.

The pound came to national attention when it was featured on Joe Duffy's Liveline. Some callers said it was like a "concentration camp" for dogs.

However, the DSPCA's report, despite finding fault with certain aspects of the care, cast the Ashtown unit in a far more favourable light. While criticising the indoor kennels, Mr Cahill found that the 12 kennels facing an exercise yard "were fit for purpose" and were "clean, not smelling and the dogs were in good condition".


He noted there was a "very good regime using volunteers for dog walking" and that the dogs "received plenty of exercise".

Mr Cahill recommended the council should consider issuing the dog pound contract for a minimum of five years, rather than one or two, to ensure operators invest in improving their facilities. He said the pound does not have internet access allowing it to check the details of microchipped dogs brought to the facility.

"It is archaic that no internet facilities or email are available," Mr Cahill said.

In a response, pound manager Donal Moroney said the indoor kennels housed small dogs whose "movements are not restricted and they have daily walks and exercise in the yards, both mornings and afternoons".

Mr Moroney added: "Updating the pound with a purpose build facility is an ongoing project. We have looked at numerous sites in Dublin."