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Dodgy heroin is linked to 3rd death

A DEADLY batch of heroin that has killed two drug users in Cork may have been responsible for the death of a Dublin drug addict in Ballymun at the weekend, it has emerged.

Gardai are investigating if the death of the man in the capital, who was named locally as Neil Toland from Blanchardstown, could have been as a result of a suspect batch of heroin similar to the one in Cork which also left seven people in hospital.

Mr Toland was found dead at a homeless shelter run by the Fr Peter McVerry Trust in Ballymun on Friday night.

Further tests were being carried out today to see if there could be a link between the cases in Dublin and Cork.

It is suspected the deadly dose of heroin that has wreaked havoc in Cork is either a potent form of the drug which has not been diluted down to the street strength users would be used to, or that it is contaminated with lethal bacteria or a different chemical.

Fr McVerry said it was impossible to tell at this stage if Mr Toland's death was linked to the deaths of Gary O'Sullivan (30) and Gavin Thompson (25) in Cork last week, but said he was continuing to warn users about the dangers of the drug.


He added that Toland had been trying to come off drugs.

"He was on a methadone programme, and if he had made it for another week or two then he would have been completely off the drug," said Fr McVerry.

"This is a terrible tragedy but we cannot tell if his death is linked to the deaths in Cork. It could be linked, and it could be a coincidence," he explained.