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Dodder floodwall proposal splits D4

A PLAN for two-metre-high floodwalls and embankments along the River Dodder has sparked controversy in Dublin 4.

The new phase of the flood protection scheme has been strongly welcomed by many residents – but others are worried.

The scheme is to go ahead between Lansdowne Road Railway Bridge and Smurfit Weirs on both sides of the Dodder.

The areas most affected are Beatty's Avenue, Estate Cottages, Shelbourne Road, Anglesea Road, Anglesea Lane, Merrion Cricket Ground, Embassy House, Herbert Park Bridge and Herbert Park.

A submission by the Anglesea Road Residents' Association was firmly in favour of the plan, saying residents had been "impacted greatly" by flooding in recent years.

"For a number of years, residents of the road and this residents association have requested urgent steps to be taken to mitigate the risk of flooding to the area," it added.

However, other submissions by householders expressed concern at the plans.

A resident on Shelbourne Road said the "depth and height" of the proposed wall will affect his view of the river.

"I do not believe there has been sufficient public consultation on the issue," the resident added.

In its submission, An Taisce stated it believes the plans will have "significant effects on the natural and built heritage of the Dodder".

It also criticised the level of public consultation.


An Taisce stated that Dublin City Council, which is making the application, "appear to be seeking approval now for their 'preferred' options before completion of the design process".

It said there is a proviso that the council can "change or alter aspects at a later stage at their own discretion due to later design 'developments".

It added: "An Taisce considers that the deficiencies of this application may warrant outright refusal but is also aware that too many delays may result in added flood risk to some residents and their properties."

Dublin 4 was badly hit by the floods of October 2011 when the River Dodder overflowed.