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doctors in the house

Aoife Rhattigan and Garry Cohn help to transform a cottage in Tralee, Co Kerry, into a place where the owner can entertain guests. Psychiatric nurse Pat bought the property 23 years ago, but has fallen out of love with it, and is keen for an entire revamp of the interior so he can invite his friends over.

However, he is aware that he desperately needs to de-clutter and the designers try to help him with clever storage solutions and space-saving tips such as a fold-down dining table. Last in the series.

up close and personal


rte2, 10.30pm

Elayne visits New York for the first time, and Venetia goes on a rare night out with her friends. Meanwhile, Kate prepares for her trip to Australia. A self-shot observational documentary capturing the most intimate moments of six women's lives.

everything's relative

long lost family

tv3, 9pm

Londoner Chris Jones is searching for his sister, who he last saw when she was a newborn baby. Growing up, he knew little of his mother's past, but over the years has pieced together the tragic story of his father's death and sister's birth at a Northumbrian vicarage 50 years ago. Polly Gillon is trying to track down her eldest son, whom she was forced to give up for adoption in 1959. She has spent a lifetime regretting this decision and is desperate to ask for his forgiveness. Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present.

homing in on a bargain

location location location

CH 4, 8pm

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer revisit two sets of house-hunters who had very specific search criteria. Sisters Gemma and Lucy wanted two of everything in their potential new home in Reading, Berkshire, including parking spaces, bathrooms and equal-sized bedrooms, and professional historical architects Colin and Robbie had an exacting list of requirements for Phil in Sussex. Last in the series

As Birmingham's all-star answer to Boardwalk Empire continues, Tommy (Cillian Murphy, inset) has recovered from his near fatal beating and comes up with a plan to take control of the southern racecourses. He also sees an opportunity to move up in the world, and has his head turned by the aristocratic May Carleton (Charlotte Riley). However, there are nefarious deeds afoot for the charismatic anti-hero when London gangster Darby Sabini (Noah Taylor) and Major Campbell (Sam Neill) plan his downfall. Helen McCrory and Tom Hardy also feature in the stylish period drama from Oscar and Bafta- nominated writer Steven Knight.