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Doctors examined my pelvis in the middle of a corridor

A DUBLIN mum was subjected to an internal examination in the corridor of Tallaght hospital with just a flimsy screens around her for privacy.

Ciara O'Leary has spoken out about her treatment in the crowded A&E department.

Ciara (28) said that she waited for seven hours in the emergency ward before being fully examined by doctors.

She presented at the hospital suffering from severe abdominal pains and was suffering from suspected appendicitis.

Ciara waited on a trolley for doctors to examine her but was horrified when just two flimsy screens were put around her as a rectal exam took place.

"The doctor went off to get a female nurse, came back and proceeded to do the examination in the corridor," Ciara said.

"It was only a minute and a half, but it's not the time it took, it's where it was done.

"If the screens are not fixed properly, you can see all you want basically."

Ciara said that she only realised that it was possible to see after the intense exam. "I wasn't aware of this because my back was to them during the examination. I was in that much pain, I just wanted the pain to be gone," she told reporters.

"It was not until afterwards that I stood up off the trolley to go to the loo and walked down past the cubicle.

"The examination is horrendous in itself, but to have it done in those circumstances..."


The Tallaght mum-of-three was later released from the hospital on Sunday morning with a diagnosis of probable fluid in her pelvic area.

Tallaght Hospital said that they could not comment on individual cases, they always refer concerns to the Patient Advocacy Department.