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Doctor 'told crash mum to get a taxi'

A PREGNANT woman whose unborn baby was fatally injured when she was involved in a car crash, was told by a doctor at the Coombe Hospital she should transfer to another hospital by taxi, an inquest has heard.

Peace Amewoyi, from Deerpark Place in Tallaght, Dublin 24, was 33 weeks pregnant with her third child, Joseph Agbo, when she suffered injuries to her arm and leg in the crash on October 21 last year.

Baby Joseph suffered "devastating" head injuries in the incident and died later that evening, an hour after being born by emergency Caesarean section.

Dublin Coroner's Court heard that Ms Amewoyi had been driving to church with five children in the car when it crashed into a metal barrier. One of the children was seriously injured, but has since recovered.

Ms Amewoyi was taken to St James's Hospital where she was treated for a fractured left hand. She was transferred by ambulance to the nearest maternity hospital, The Coombe, for review.


Ms Amewoyi said that she was told there that the baby was doing well and that she should go to the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, where she was already registered, by taxi, because an ambulance would take too long.

She said that she protested because her leg remained painful and she was unable to walk.

Dr Nicola Maher, said that she was unaware that Ms Amewoyi was unable to walk when she suggested the taxi.

A scan and ultrasound showed no evidence of a placental abruption, she said.

However, further observation was warranted and as Ms Ameyowi was a patient at Holles Street she felt it was best to transfer her there.

At post-mortem, pathologist Dr Paul Downey found that Baby Joseph sustained "devastating brain injuries" in the car crash.

Even if the baby had been delivered earlier, he would have been born in the same condition, he said.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.