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Doctor left toddler son in car to go shopping


The Square Shopping Centre Tallaght

The Square Shopping Centre Tallaght

The Square Shopping Centre Tallaght

A young child was left alone in a car at The Square shopping centre while his doctor father went shopping, it’s emerged.

Gardai were called to the car park of the Tallaght shopping centre after passers-by spotted the child in a state of distress during the incident, on January 18 last.

Officers managed to break into the vehicle and attend to the toddler, who had a dirty nappy, it’s reported.

Gardai were unable to locate the boy’s parents and when they checked CCTV tapes, they realised that he had been alone for more than an hour.

The child was taken to Tallaght Hospital where he was assessed and found to be unharmed. He was then taken into the care of the HSE.

The child’s parents later arrived at Tallaght Garda Station where gardai cautioned the boy’s father, a doctor, when he admitted that he left his infant son in the freezing car.

The dad admitted during the interview that he had gone to the Tallaght shopping centre to  look at some laptops in a computer shop.

He said that he became distracted when a shop assistant showed him so many varieties of laptops, according to The Sun.

The father also said that his son was asleep when he first arrived at the car park and he didn’t want to disturb him.

The child has since been returned to the care of his parents.

Incidents where children are left locked in a car are unusual in Ireland, however there have been a number of cases elsewhere where the child has died when left locked in a hot car.


In New Zealand, police are currently investigating the death of baby Mace Caldwell in the car of a hospital car park.

The 16-month-old died on a summer’s day on January 16 last in a car on the grounds of Wanganui Hospital.

Mace’s mother, a surgeon at the hospital, was believed to have accidentally left the 16-month-old in her car that day, mistakenly thinking she’d dropped her boy off at daycare.

However, authorities were yet to confirm what happened, a police spokeswoman said.