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Docs upbeat as head injury twin begins recovery

A THREE-month-old baby boy has made significant progress in winning his battle for life from serious head injuries.

The infant -- one of twin boys born last October -- has been in Dublin's Temple Street Hospital on a ventilator since he was transferred from Cork almost 10 days ago.

He was admitted to Cork University Hospital (CUH) by ambulance on January 9 but had to be transferred to Dublin for specialist treatment for bleeding on his brain.

Now, the infant has begun breathing independently of a ventilator -- though he remains seriously ill.

However, it is believed that, if the boy continues to improve over the next 24 hours, his long-term prognosis for recovery will be very good.

His twin -- who also sustained head injuries -- remains in a stable condition in CUH.

Gardai have had preliminary contact with the boys' parents over precisely how they sustained serious head injuries.


The Herald understands that Gardai have now had preliminary contact with the twins' father and teenage mother.

However, both were so distraught over their sons' health that a detailed interview had to be postponed pending an update on the twins' medical condition.

Gardai now hope to take detailed statements from both parents over the coming days.

Detectives also plan to consult with paediatric trauma specialists over how the infant twins could have sustained their specific head and chest injuries.

The young couple -- a 19-year-old woman and her 20-year-old partner -- come from a large extended family in a rural part of Cork.

The family declined to comment on the matter yesterday at their dormer bungalow home.

Several members of the family have travelled to Dublin to maintain a vigil for the most seriously injured twin.

Garda sources stressed that the nature of their investigation will only be determined once formal medical reports on the possible causes of the infants' injuries are received.

The twin boys were separately taken to Cork University Hospital (CUH) on Sunday, January 9 where they were initially treated in the emergency department.

One twin was admitted at 4am after being brought to hospital by ambulance.

The other was presented for treatment shortly before lunchtime.

In accordance with existing protocols, gardai were immediately notified of the matter by healthcare staff.

It is unclear whether the boys had been involved in any type of accident before January 9.

The boys were born in Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) last October.