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Do you know mystery couple on wedding stamp?

THE designer behind An Post's new wedding stamp is appealing for the couple featured to come forward.

Dublin designer Laura Geraghty (24) came up with the design for this year's new collection of 55c wedding stamps. Her winning design features newlyweds under an umbrella.

And Laura admits that the identity of the couple on the stamp is a mystery.

"I actually don't know who the couple are which is a pity, it's a photo that was taken about two, three years ago," she said. "It's dreadful really, I should know but at the time, I had just gone out with a photographer to take all sorts of pictures.

"They were people that just happened to be there on the day.

"I actually don't even remember where it was taken -- somewhere in Meath," the Navan native added.

Laura is hopeful that a Herald reader might be able to recognise the loved-up pair and get in touch with her.

"I definitely want to know who they are, it's taken from the back so they may not recognise it straight away, but I suppose they would know the dress and the area possibly," she said.

"At the same time, I'm kind of glad that they don't have a name, that anyone can relate to it."

Laura remarked that she would love to receive a wedding invitation from one of her friends with her stamp on it.

"I don't know anyone getting married this year -- I knew lots of people last year who did --so I'm dying to get an invite through the post and for one of my friends to use these stamps."