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DNA test over drug boss body

Forensic investigators have exhumed the body of a relative of Zetas cartel leader Heriberto Lazcano to conduct DNA tests meant to quiet doubts about whether the drug lord was really killed earlier this month.

Lazcano's body was stolen about 12 hours after he was shot by Mexican marines on October 7, causing scepticism that he was killed. Authorities said fingerprints taken before the theft prove he was slain.

Federal police also announced yesterday they have captured two police officers accused of kidnapping the nephew of a northern Mexico governor and giving him to the Zetas gang. The man was later found dead.

Nursing home blaze kills 12

a midnight fire at a Taiwan nursing home has killed 12 elderly patients and injured 70 others.

The patients died of smoke inhalation early today as fire tore through the nursing home located on the second floor of a hospital in Tainan city in southern Taiwan, an official said

The fire was put out in 40 minutes. Seventy patients were later treated for burns or inhaling smoke.

Anneka kept her jumpsuits

Anneka Rice has revealed she still has a huge stash of the famous jumpsuits from her television series Challenge Anneka -- and her children wear them for fancy dress parties.

The presenter became popular for the clothing she wore on Channel 4's Treasure Hunt and later on her own BBC series.

Rice, now a BBC Radio 2 presenter, said she has hung on to a considerable number to help good causes.

Energy drink link to deaths

Five deaths and a heart attack have been linked to highly caffeinated Monster Energy Drinks.

The US Food and Drug Administration acknowledged the adverse reports, but a spokeswoman said they did not prove that the drinks caused the deaths.

The news follows last week's filing of a wrongful death suit by the parents of a 14-year-old Maryland girl who died after drinking two 24oz Monster Beverage Corporation drinks in 24 hours.