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DJ to reveal his genetics test results live on air


Jonathan McCrea. Photo: Tony Kinlan

Jonathan McCrea. Photo: Tony Kinlan

Jonathan McCrea. Photo: Tony Kinlan

A RADIO DJ will reveal the result of a €75 genetics test in front of a live audience as part of a debate on the merits of such tests.

Jonathan McCrea says that he is particularly worried about Alzheimer's as there is a history of it in his family.

He is taking part in a new exhibition at Dublin's Science Gallery that will bring together a panel of experts.

The Health Risk show next Wednesday will ask: if people are found to be genetically pre-disposed to certain conditions, should health insurers be informed and would premiums rise as a result?



Spin 103.8 host McCrea will be joined by Dr Kevin Mitchell, a geneticist and neuroscientist from Trinity College Dublin, clinical geneticist Dr Shane McKee from Belfast City University and genetic counsellor Tara O'Neill.

The show will also see Jonathan get the results of genetic testing that he underwent recently.

He bought the testing kit and service online for €75 and got the results back in eight weeks.

"I can't get breast cancer myself – well, certainly not the most prevalent types – but I may be passing a gene to my daughters," he said.

"That can be a big factor when it comes to having kids. Many cystic fibrosis sufferers choose not to have children if they are likely to suffer from it too."

Jonathan is concerned about what his test might bring up.

"I'm worried about Alz-heimer's. My father is very sharp and I'm told so was my grandmother before him. I saw how that disease affected her, though, and that scared me."

Tickets are free and available on ScienceGallery.com where the show will also be streamed live.