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DJ and Savile raped girl (15), court is told

Jimmy Savile raped a 15-year-old girl with another DJ who told her "you should be thanking us", a court has heard.

Former Radio Caroline DJ Ray Teret took the naive teenager to a flat in the Manchester area in a bubble car in the early 1960s and she "couldn't believe it" when she found Savile was there, a jury was told.

But Teret's trial in the city was told how Savile then raped the girl followed immediately by Teret.

Prosecutor Tim Evans said Teret then told her: "You should be thanking us because we have made it easier for when the next person goes there."

Opening the case against Teret, Mr Evans said the girl met the defendant in a club and he took her to a flat where he was delivering some "fancy boots" to Savile.

He said: "She couldn't believe it when she saw Jimmy Savile, who was famous even then, in the flat and couldn't wait to tell her friends who she'd met."

The prosecutor said: "She was offered a drink - a Lucozade - and asked to sit down.

"She sat down on the bed in the flat. Savile came and sat next to her. He told her she had lovely hair and began to stroke it."


Mr Evans said the girl began to tell about how she straightened her hair but "she didn't get the chance".

He said: "Savile put his hands up her skirt, pulled her knickers down, pushed her down on the bed.

"She said 'what are you doing' and will tell you she didn't know anything about sex.

"Savile raped her."

The prosecutor said the girl will tell the jury it was "hurting and hurting and hurting" and, all the time, she was thinking "why isn't Ray stopping this?"

But Mr Evans said Teret did not stop Savile because he was to rape her immediately after.

"Teret came across to her. He pushed her back on the bed and he too forced himself on her," he said.

Mr Evans said: "What she will tell you has a familiar feel to it with this unhappy twist.

"As well as Mr Teret raping a girl who had no idea about sex, she will tell you Jimmy Savile did, too.

"You may think that, in effect, she was produced to Savile for that purpose."

Teret (72) is on trial along with two other men - Willliam Harper and Alan Ledger - accused of sex offences against girls dating back as far as 1962.

Teret is charged with 18 rapes along with other offences. There are 17 different girls, all now grown-up, named in the charges.

Mr Evans told the court that Teret had a "deal of celebrity" in the '60s and '70s, especially in the Manchester area.

He said he worked at the pirate station Radio Caroline and Piccadilly Radio.

The prosecutor said: "The Crown's case in a nutshell is that he used the celebrity that he had to abuse young girls in various ways and that the other two defendants - Mr Ledger and Mr Harper - friends and associates of Teret - also became involved on occasions."

Mr Evans said the defendants should not be contaminated "because of the spectre of Savile and that "this is not guilt by association."