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Divorced mum of two's desperate YouTube bid to sell off dream home

A divorced mum of two has turned to YouTube in a last-ditch effort to sell her stately country home.

Jillian Godsil, a writer in her 40s, has launched an online campaign by posting a short homemade video promoting her eight-bed home as the ideal country retreat.

The pad, known as Raheengraney House in the tiny village of Shillelagh, Co Wicklow, also has a three-bed cottage attached as well as two acres of land and was valued at €1.5m at the height of the property boom.

The video was posted last week -- and has already attracted more than 2,500 views.

Speaking to the Herald, Ms Godsil said the mortgage on the house has plunged into negative equity.

in her desperation to sell her former "dream house" -- now valued at €500,000 -- she has turned to YouTube.

"When the marriage broke down we were relatively comfortable with a great property abroad too," Ms Godsil told the Herald. "But we had to sell the foreign house in the separation and it went mostly on the legal fees for the divorce.


"So we were very unlucky -- effectively we went from having a positive equity in both our properties to me being in negative equity in the large house."

Ms Godsil moved into the house in the late '90s and paid £100,000 at the time for the property which she describes as "not your average house".

After a massive renovation job, costing some €400,000, Ms Godsil set up camp in the countryside retreat and began family life.

"It's nice because it's one of those houses in the middle of a town land which planners don't allow anymore... It has the most beautiful views of Mount Leinster and the surrounding area."

In 2007, when she first attempted to sell, an offer of €1.1m fell through and since then the Shillelagh woman has received no firm offers.

"So I asked myself how will I sell this, and the idea of trying to get it all over the internet came into my mind."

While no one has yet matched the asking price, the writer says she is heartened by the response.

"I have received emails from people wishing me all the best and saying well done," she said.

"Divorce and losing the family home, which was my dream home, is very tough so it's nice to know people are behind me and my two kids. But emails that are looking to view the house will be even nicer."

When asked if she would sell the house for less than half a million euro, she said: "I honestly don't know, we are sailing in uncharted economic waters. Four years ago I had a marriage, a good income, a business and now my whole life is turned upside down."

She added: "I'm already in [financial] trouble -- my tenants moved out in January. It's tough being a single mum with kids, very tough."