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Distraught troop of gorillas search for dead leader Harry


Harry, who died on Monday

Harry, who died on Monday

Harry, who died on Monday

Female gorillas in Dublin Zoo are mourning the loss of their leader Harry, after the "gentle and calm" gorilla died on Monday.

Dublin Zoo said the troop at the Phoenix Park zoo have been looking around their enclosure for Harry since he died.

"The troop was searching the island for Harry and then there was a lot of vocalisation," a zoo spokesperson said.

Harry, who was an adult silverback, was the leader of Dublin Zoo's gorilla troop.

He was aged 29 and during his time at the zoo he fathered six offspring.

He was a well-known animal in the zoo and regular visitors reacted with sadness when they heard this week that he had died.


Lena, Harry's partner of 21 years, has since calmed down and zoo keepers said she had been "remarkably quiet" in recent days.

Harry and Lena had been mates since 1995. The reason for Harry's death is still unknown and Dublin Zoo is awaiting the results of a post-mortem.