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Disney princess riles Hispanics

Disney has defended its newest princess following a backlash over her Hispanic-influenced ethnicity.

A new character named Princess Sofia (pictured) will star in the TV movie Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess to be shown on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

But Hispanic groups have questioned whether the fair-skinned, blue-eyed young princess is an accurate represen-tation of their population.

Craig Gerber, co-executive producer of the film, said in a Facebook post that Sofia was "a mixed-heritage princess in a fairytale world".

56 guns found in prison raid

Venezuelan prison chiefs shut down a jail and seized dozens of weapons when they moved inmates to other lock-ups.

Prisons minister Iris Varela said officials found a 56 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and 12 grenades at the prison in western Falcon state.

President Hugo Chavez has pledged to improve the prison system following repeated deadly clashes in overcrowded jails.