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Dismay at 9/11 museum fees

The new 9/11 museum at the World Trade Centre will have to charge entrance fees due to the hefty operating costs.

An admission fee of up to $25 dollars (e19) is being considered when the New York site opens next year.

The decision to charge for the underground museum housing relics of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks has been greeted with dismay by some relatives of victims.

"People are coming to pay their respects and for different reasons," said Janice Testa, of Valley Stream, whose firefighter brother Henry Miller died at the twin towers.

"It shouldn't be a place where you go and see works of art. It should be more like a memorial place; like a church where there's no entry fee."

Moon artefacts up for auction

Space and aviation artefacts belonging to the late US astronaut Neil Armstrong are to be auctioned off.

They include an electrocardiogram of the Apollo 11 commander's heartbeat, which was taken when he first set foot on the moon.

New Hampshire-based RR Auction will take bids during an online auction from May 16-23.

Armstrong took his "giant step for mankind" on July 20, 1969. The Ohio native died last August aged 82.

Suicide bomb driver kills 7

Seven people were killed when a suicide bomber tried to ram a car laden with explosives into a military convoy escorting a four-member delegation in Qatar.

A police official said the delegation was unharmed and managed to reach their hotel safely.

Four civilians and a soldier died in yesterday morning's attack, and a further 18 were still being treated in hospital for wounds from the blast.

Plane crashes during airshow

A plane crashed into a hangar and exploded, seriously injuring its pilot, at an airshow south west of the Spanish capital Madrid.

A spokesman for Spain's airport authority says some 3,000 people were at Cuatro Vientos airfield watching a showcase of aerial acrobatics and vintage aircraft when the plane crashed, sending a fireball into the air.