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THIS was the disgusting scene after summer weather brought out thousands of sun worshippers.

Our picture at Bray shows rubbish piling up along the promenade after the bins filled up within hours.

Takeaway cartons, bottles and cans were left next to overflowing bins and were soon scattered on the grass and along the footpaths.

As local authorities clean up the mess, it is hoped that such scenes will not be repeated throughout the week as Ireland will bask in the sun for four more days.

Temperatures are predicted to stay in the mid-to-high teens until Thursday.

Yesterday marked the first day of summer -- and temperatures hit 20 degrees in Dublin's Phoenix Park.

T-shirt-wearing families even caused traffic jams near Co Wicklow's Glendalough national park in their attempt to soak up the rays and picnic for the afternoon.

In Dublin, traffic was particularly heavy on routes to the seaside towns of Malahide and Howth.

Forecaster Eoin Sherlock told the Herald today that we can expect another bright and sunny day tomorrow, continuing this pleasant spell.

"It's going to be similar to what we've enjoyed for the past two days. Tuesday will be a carbon copy of today with temperatures reaching between 13 and 19C, taking into account coastal areas.

"There is some mist and fog around the country and some parts will see hazy sunshine at times tomorrow due to the dust coming from across Europe.

Wednesday will be dry and bright and it will be warm until Thursday, with temperatures of 17 to 19C."